In summary

Front-end Developer / Holistic Counsellor / Student Psychometrist / Aspiring Clinical Psychologist

My name is Justin Hyde, and my highest qualification is an Honour’s in Counselling Psychology, cum laude. I have a decade of experience working with clients and liaising between developers, designers and clients in my role as a senior web developer. Many of my clients are in the top 100 JSE listings.

I aim to continue my education in the field of psychology, with my current goals being obtaining my Masters in Clinical Psychology. In 2021 I am completing a practical programme in psychometry through UJ and working as a student psychometrist. I have a passion to help people, to which I have focused on improving two important skills: active empathic listening and my knowledge of human behaviour. I find a passion in using these skills to improve the lives of people who are dealing with difficulties in their day to day life.

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